Board of Deacons



Head Deacon & Former Youth Department Coordinator

“If there’s a deep calling to a deep, there’s a deep to respond.”

Year 1991 the Lord Jesus took Bro. Ogie out from the denomination when he met the Lord in the form of the Message of the Hour.  He was still a youth at that time. At age 23 he got married to Sis. Menia who was then already a very faithful believer. God blessed them with two daughters and one son. And now at the age of 39, he is the Head Deacon of our local church at the same time the Youth Department Coordinator. He also helps in the ministry of the Word. Bro. Ogie has been serving as deacon for  6yrs and was voted as Head Deacon last June, 2012.



Bro. Rico has been serving the Lord as an End time Message believer for 21 years now. His talent in singing was used for song leading in our church services.

Bro. Rico is married to Sis. Gerlie, who is a school teacher and a faithful believer. They have two sons: Kenneth, 14 yrs. old, and Klarenz, 11 yrs. old. They are all serving the Lord in the Message.

He is presently one of our deacons and also serves as the Deacon Board’s treasurer.